St Francis Friary

St Francis Friary

Originally occupied by the Franciscan Sisters of Sarawak, this building has been leased to the Franciscans as a parish house since 2000, for the friars serving in St Ann’s Mission. It is the Custody’s pioneering friary outside of Singapore, and a sign of commitment to preach the Gospel by living out the Franciscan vision as a religious brotherhood in the mission territory of Borneo.

‘St Francis’
St Francis discovered God’s Word to be the Good News of love and mercy, bringing freedom, joy and peace to all. He recognised that God’s people could be found in some of the most unexpected and inaccessible places. He saw God’s goodness and beauty all around him and wanted only to proclaim this truth to all. As this friary in Kota Padawan, in 10th Mile Kuching, houses the first community of friars in East Malaysia, the friary was dedicated to our founder.

What We Do
All the friars in this community serve in St Ann’s Mission, which includes 53 outstations. Individual friars are also involved in various ministries of outreach beyond the parish. The friars invite neighbours and parishioners to join them in the friary chapel for morning prayer and mass on weekdays, and visit the kampung outstations at night.

Through this mission, the Franciscan Friars seek to boldly proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world, and recognise all persons and all of creation as members of God’s one family.

A Prayer of St Francis
We adore You,
Most Holy Lord Jesus Christ,
here and in all Your churches
throughout the world,
and we bless You
because by Your holy cross,
You have redeemed the world.
– Prayer upon Entry to all Churches